Eight features of Shanghai powder packing machine


Shanghai powder packaging machine is designed for the quantitative packaging of powder materials such as pharmaceutical granule, starch, flour, chemical raw materials, etc. It adopts screw feeding of large and small size. The material is sent into the buffer bin by the screw propeller through the frequency converter, and the material is sent into the bag by the feed screw controlled by frequency conversion. The feed quantity is controlled by controlling the rotating speed and frequency of the screw. Once the bag is filled, the bag holder is opened by the control system, and the bag is sent away by the conveyor belt. The powder packaging machine designed and produced by Shanghai Bojun has the following 8 main features.

1. Independent packaging weight input, weight PLC display window, display window adopts high brightness touch screen display

2. Simple and intuitive menu operation

3. Manual assistance for upper bag and pneumatic clamping bag; Independent weighing system, high accuracy and high speed

4, asynchronous motor control screw feeding, frequency converter speed, high control accuracy

5. It has the functions of adjustable peeling and photographing, data encryption, time display and so on

6. Adopting single spiral frequency conversion feeding mode, fast, medium and slow feeding speed can be adopted to ensure accuracy

7, the scale structure is strong, small area, easy to clean and maintain

8. Active return gas dust removal device can be selected to absorb and clean floating dust and effectively maintain the site environment clean

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