To interpret the performance of powder packaging machine


Powder packaging machine is a general name of packaging equipment for packaging powder products. There are many kinds of powder products, including industry, food industry, agricultural and sideline products industry, involving milk powder, starch, pesticide, veterinary medicine, premix, additives, condiments, feed, enzyme preparation and other products. It is suitable for automatic bag packing machine of powder products. General machines can automatically complete the measurement, packing, sealing and cutting all work. Multi-purpose volume method measurement, some models are also equipped with a reliable photoelectric detection system, the use of optoelectronic marked packaging materials, you can get a complete trademark pattern. Powder packaging machine is suitable for medicine, food, chemical, pesticide and other aspects of small bag packaging. Suitable for the production of powder drugs, sugar, coffee, fruit, tea, monosodium glutamate, salt, seeds, desiccant and other powder products manufacturers. Powder packaging machine is divided into automatic powder back sealing packaging machine and three-side sealing screw metering packaging machine; Powder packaging machine also known as powder packaging machine, and particle packaging machine is known as the two main packaging machine center.

Automatic powder back packing machine adopts the international advanced microcomputer chip control, with the photoelectric eye tracking detection, accurate sealing and cutting inside the two bags, you can choose to install the coding machine and air or gas filling device. This machine is suitable for all kinds of powder such as lotus root powder, sesame paste, soybean milk powder, powder materials automatic packaging.

Three-sided sealing screw metering and packaging machine is equipped with dual CPU microcomputer control system, 5-inch LCD display in Chinese and English, user-friendly operation interface, cursor automatic detection and tracking, easier operation. Equipped with a high-precision stepping motor to ensure the accuracy of the cutting position of each packaging bag. The bevel screw is adopted to promote the cutting, which can directly adjust the package weight in the packaging process, and the adjustment process does not need to stop, effectively improving the work efficiency. Can choose to be equipped with coding machine, air, exhaust and vacuum devices. Suitable for automatic measuring and packaging of powder, such as milk powder, soybean milk powder, sesame paste, lotus root powder, dye powder, seasoning powder, medicine powder, etc. It is controlled by microcomputer, processed and set by a slight computer, which can complete the whole machine synchronization, bag length, positioning, cursor automatic detection, automatic fault diagnosis and display with the screen. Functions: automatic tape making, material metering, filling, sealing, inflating, coding, feeding, limited stop, fixed package cutting and so on.

Powder packaging machine is suitable for powder packaging of medicine, milk tea, milk powder, seasoning and so on. It can automatically complete the work of measuring, bagging, filling, sealing, sewing, transmitting and so on for powder and granular materials which are easy to flow or have poor fluidity. It has high accuracy, strong reliability and is not easy to wear out.

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