Automatic capping tape sealing machine

Automatic capping tape sealing machine

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Main Features:

1, easy to operate: according to different carton specifications, automatic induction width and height adjustment. Convenient, fast and simple without manual adjustment.

2. Full automation: one-type-automatic sealing, full automation, fast speed, can be single machine operation, can also be used with automatic packaging line.

3. Safety packaging: The performance of the parts is precise and durable, the structure is designed strictly, the operation process is vibration-free, the operation is stable and reliable; Equipped with blade protection device to avoid accidental injury during operation, making production safer and packaging more efficient.

4. Reasonable design: automatic induction adjustment of carton specifications, automatic folding carton cover, automatic upper and lower adhesive tape, smooth and fast; The machine adopts PLC control, simple operation, convenient maintenance, more stable performance.

5. Beautiful effect:

The sealing effect of the carton is smooth, standard and beautiful.

Printing tape can also be used to improve the product image, which is the first choice of automatic packaging enterprises;

Js-y automatic and adaptive capping and sealing machine has excellent quality and is suitable for capping and sealing cartons of multiple specifications at the same time. Since its successful development, it has been widely used in food, medicine, beverage, tobacco, daily chemicals, automobile, cable, electronics and other industries at home and abroad.

Technical parameters:

The machine model


Power supply/power

220V   50/60HZ   0.6KW

Apply to the cartons


Sealing speed

8-12 cases/min

Belt width


Using air source


Machine weight


The machine size

L1700 * W880 * H1500mm