20-50kg weighing bucket packing line

20-50kg weighing bucket packing line

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Product Description:

I. Functions:

1. Adopting spiral mechanism for feeding, the feeding speed is in second gear, fast and slow, to improve the measurement accuracy. (Twin screw feeding)

2. After the quantitative completion of the host machine, the toggle switch conveyor will automatically transfer the packaging bags to the sewing machine position, and the sewing bags will be completed by manual assistance; The whole process is simple and easy to operate.

3. The software and hardware are specially designed, which can automatically track the change of material density, automatically start, automatically peel, and automatically compensate the weighing accuracy.

4. There is a cutting door device in the blanking tube, which can prevent dust falling off and ensure the weighing accuracy.

5. The bag-clamping mechanism adopts food grade ring belt for bag-clamping with high reliability and durability.

6. Digital and analog filtering functions. Strong anti-interference

Two, action flow

1. The feed

The user sends the material to the material bin of the packaging machine through the screw conveyor. The bin has a volume of about 0.3 cubic meters. The bin is equipped with a material level device, which automatically controls the material level of the lifting machine and then automatically controls the material level of the bin.

2. (set)

Manually cover the feeding port of the packaging bag on the bag clamping mechanism of the packaging machine, then press the bag clamping switch, and the bag clamping mechanism of the packaging machine automatically clamps the feeding port of the packaging bag.

3. (peeled)

After clamping the opening of the bag, the packing machine will automatically remove the skin and remove the weight of the bag as tare.

4. The fast charging

The packaging machine automatically starts the feeding spiral to carry out fast feeding in the pocket. During the feeding process, the weighing instrument continuously detects the weight of the material in the bag. When the weight of fast feeding to the material in the package reaches the fast feeding amount manually set on the instrument, the fast feeding ends and the packaging machine automatically stops fast feeding.

5.(Slow feeding)

After the end of fast feeding, the packaging machine automatically starts slow feeding. When the slow feeding is added to the material in the bag to reach the weight manually set in the meter, the feeding process is over, the packaging machine automatically controls the feeding mechanism to stop feeding, and the feeding door is closed at the outlet.

6.(Bag unloading, bag sewing mouth)

When the measurement is finished, the bag-holding mechanism will be automatically loosened and the toggle switch will be pressed. The operator will assist to transport the bags filled with materials to the sewing machine for sewing. Then the finished products will be manually transported away and wait for the operator to set the next bag.

Iii. (Technical Parameters)

Metering: Weighing hopper pre-weighing

Feeding mode: gate feeding, screw feeding

Packing weight: 10-50kg

Packing accuracy: ±0.2%

Packing speed: 4-8bags/min

Power supply: 380 220V/50Hz

Compressed air usage: 6 kg/cm2 0.2 m3 / min

Machine power: 2 kW

Machine volume: 1000mm×1000mm×2400mm